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Mentoring is an opportunity for youth to partner with adults who will support their dreams and goals, and provide a positive role model while sharing activities and experiences. This is done through weekly one-to-one activities and once a month group outings.  The mentoring services are available to the child / youth at no cost to the family.  All mentors undergo an intensive screening process and background check. The screening process includes an application, informal autobiography, personal interview, reference checks, criminal background check, driving record check and medical clearance. Mentors are any individuals 18 years of age or older, of any ethnic, religious or economic background, who is interested in making a positive impact on a child's life.

Location: Edison Family Service Center

The Connections Program offers positive adult friendships; ongoing staff support for mentors and participants; quarterly mentor trainings and bi-monthly mentor support meetings.


This program provides a "matched" adult volunteer with a child or youth. The adult volunteers will provide the children/youth with a positive adult friendship that will be goal focused and matched for a minimum of 12 to 18 months. The target population is children and youth, ages 5-17 who:

  1. Are experiencing significant and / or terminal medical difficulties for which a positive adult relationship from outside of the family would be helpful.
  2. Are finding themselves in serious situational/loss crisis (i.e., but not limited to divorce or a parent is dying/just deceased) and a helpful adult relationship is needed.

Paid staff will process, supervise/monitor and train adult volunteers for the duration of the match and provide supportive services to the child and his/her family as needed.

Eligibility Criteria:

Middlesex County and Franklin Township children up to age 17 of any ethnic, religious or economic background who have special emotional needs, have experienced significant and/or terminal medical difficulties, and/or who have experienced serious situational/loss crisis, such as divorce or death and may benefit from an adult friend relationship.